Travel The World To Cannabis Friendly Countries

Travel The World To Cannabis Friendly Countries

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If you’re a pothead, like most people are turning out to be these days, then you want to enjoy smoking or eating your Cannabis edibles in peace – especially when you’re on vacation. Now if you’re taking a vacation in your state or country where weed is legal, you don’t have anything to worry about. However, if you want to go to another state or country, a little planning on your part is required. That’s because you may want to make sure that the destination you’re going to is 420 friendly.

Cannabis-friendly states in the US

In the US, Cannabis use has become increasingly accepted both legally and socially. However, pinning down the different regulations in the various states is tricky. That’s because some states allow recreational use of marijuana, others allow only medicinal marijuana consumption, and others only allow use of Cannabis for certain ailments or after a doctor’s approval has been granted.

This map from Governing.com showcases which states allow either of the above uses. This table from Procon.Org provides additional helpful information about medical marijuana use and the various amounts allowed for possession.

Cannabis-friendly countries in Europe

If travelling to Europe, the story is almost similar to that in the US; some countries allow for recreational use, others restrict it to medical use, while others maintain a no-use policy. Netherlands and Spain are the best options for recreational use in Europe. There you can partake at home, in your hotel room, at the club, and virtually anywhere else. Ukraine, Belgium, Austria, and Portugal are good second picks.

You can find a map showing where the other countries stand here. What that map doesn’t tell you, however, is that weed is socially tolerated and ‘almost’ legally acceptable in the UK, Czech, Italy, and Finland. Just don’t go outside trying to show off – you might get nabbed by the cops. And don’t hoard large amounts either.

Cannabis-friendly countries in the rest of the world

Weed is legal in Australia – so there’s that. In South America, you can roll a joint in peace if you’re in Peru, Colombia or Argentina. In the rest of the countries you can get away with it if you indulge in private.

In most of Africa, Cannabis remains illegal although it’s mostly socially accepted. There are also barely any medical Marijuana policies here. You could smoke in private without getting into trouble. Edibles are even better there as they are not that common or recognizable. Worst case scenario when caught is that the police ask you for a fine. However, that’s only if you’re caught with small amounts.

In Asia, the policies are very sketchy. However, it’s best to avoid packing your buds and dabs if heading to Asian countries. They are feared for being quite heavy handed in regards to drug use; and you definitely do not want to be another case study being featured on Banged Up Abroad.

And that’s the long and short of it. If unsure about the laws, stick to those countries where recreational use is permitted. Remember that in areas where medical use is permitted, you might be prompted by legal officers to show medical permits.

Happy 420 travels!

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