News Round-Up: Aug. 23rd, 2021 (High There)

News Round-Up: Aug. 23rd, 2021 (High There)

High There News Round-Up: Aug. 23rd, 2021
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There can be a lot to keep track of when it comes to the fast-paced world of cannabis information and news. Our roundup has everything you might have missed from the last week and more.

Percentage of US Adults Who've Tried Marijuana Now at 49%

“The percentage of current marijuana smokers has been steady in recent years, varying between 11% and 13% after increasing from the 7% Gallup initially measured in 2013.” (Link: gallup.com)

IRS Hosts Cannabis & Cryptocurrency Tax Information Webinar

“[The event] looked at issues such as allowable tax deductions and how different states are taxing marijuana — clearly not an easy subject in view of the U.S.’s patchwork of state-by-state cannabis regulations.” (Link: finance.yahoo.com)

Texas MMJ Program Now Expanded to Cover All Stages of Cancer & PTSD

“Because PTSD is now recognized as a conglomeration of many symptoms, not all symptoms respond well to antidepressants,” said Bobby Jain, M.D. Texas Tech Physician Psychiatrist. “There’s a need for other avenues, because the effects on social functioning, quality of life, even family functioning is immense.” (Link: newschannel10.com)

UK CBD Market Booming Since Start of Covid Pandemic

“Faced with booming sales, professor Sagnik Bhattacharyya, who researches psychotic and substance abuse disorders at King’s College London, says clinical trials are needed.” (Link: msn.com)

International Business Markets Eying Brazil for Cannabis Cultivation

“A proposal that would legalize cultivation was approved in June by a congressional committee. Lawmakers are weighing if it could be fast-tracked to the Senate for approval. If passed there, President Jair Bolsonaro would have to sign it into law.” (Link: reuters.com)

Oregon Cannabis Farm Suspected of Human Trafficing, Forced Labor

“The allegation of human trafficking followed multiple 911 hang-up calls that came from the property, as well as information from a source who is remaining anonymous for their own safety.” (Link: opb.org)

New Brunswick Soldier Found Guilty of Giving Cannabis Cupcakes to Troops on Live-Fire Training Exercise

“Cogswell, who was in charge of the canteen, was found to have put cannabis into cupcakes she had baked at home and distributed to soldiers in July 2018 when they were on a live-fire exercise. She didn’t tell them about the cannabis.” (Link: cbc.ca)

"Get Paid to Smoke Weed": Study on Cannabis Smoking Seeking Paid Participants

“If this study can convince even a handful of people that cannabis isn’t some evil drug that it was once portrayed as, I would consider it a success.” (Link: finance.yahoo.com)

Kid Cudi Seeking Professional Blunt Roller

“I need a professional blunt roller in LA,” he said on Twitter, getting straight to the point. “Hit @Shift_leader06 w resume. Serious inquires only!!” (Link: thebrag.com)

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