Finding Medical Cannabis Support Groups Near You

Finding Medical Cannabis Support Groups Near You

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If you indulge in medical cannabis, there are lots of reasons why you should be in a support group.  A medical cannabis support group allows you to link up with other users and learn from them.  By engaging with them, you can learn about legal policies, cannabis strains, side effects, where to buy your weed, etc.  Support groups can also provide you with a forum to share and get encouraged about your health journey.  And of course, these support groups utilize the strength of numbers to help clamor for legal reforms affecting the cannabis industry.

If you are looking for a medical marijuana support group near you, try these options:

Cannabis stores

Cannabis stores are a pool of information as far as marijuana is concerned.  If you want to know the closest weed dispensary, the nearest medical marijuana support group or even the most progressive one, you are bound to find that information here. The sellers know everything there is to know. And better yet, they have lots of contacts which they will freely share with you. In addition to that, customers who are always dipping in and out of these outlets are bound to have the answers you are looking for. In fact, you are most likely to acquaint yourself with several support group members just like that.

Online marijuana forums

The internet is the best resource when it comes to anything under and above the stars. There are lots of marijuana forums out there such as MD Junction. Here you can quickly make friends with other users around you and ask around for the best support groups in your area. Or you could just ask the forum in general and you will get tons of advice.

Referrals from national support bodies

Another great and sure way to trace a local medical marijuana support group near you is to talk to nationally recognized support bodies such as Meetup or SafeAccess. These bodies often have maps showing the different dispensaries and support groups around the country. And even where such a map is not provided, you can simply contact them and ask for leads on support groups in your area. Thanks to their expansive network of members and contacts, they will definitely be able to point you in the right direction.

Social media contacts

Another internet-based resource that you can result to is social media. Just ask for leads from your friends and contacts. In fact, just send out a post to your followers or friends. Someone will definitely have the information you need. Facebook and Twitter are especially ideal for this. You can also look for medical marijuana pages and contact the admins there for leads.

Medical marijuana apps

And lastly, how about you try out one of the many medical marijuana apps out there? Most of these apps will not only connect you with other users or potential 420 dates, they also provide you with other resources as well such as legal 411, prices, stores, strain recommendations, medical IDs, and more. Apps such as WeedMaps and MassRoots will help you locate dispensaries near you.  Others such as Leafly will even hook you up with legal doctors around you. And some like Marijuana Anonymous will connect you with support groups.

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