Best Weed Strains for Sex: 14 Strains to Try

Best Weed Strains for Sex: 14 Strains to Try

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Weed and pleasure go hand in hand – From the acts of a hearty laugh to the joy of eating while stoned, there are few things that cannabis doesn’t make more enjoyable, and sex is absolutely no different. Whatever it is that floats your boat you can bet it’ll be even better after a few puffs of smoke, but as we all know different strains of weed can effect everyone differently. So if what you’re looking for is a variety of weed that supposedly makes stoned sex the best it can be? Well, we’ve got you covered. Check out our list below.

Sex While High: A Quick Primer

Again, different strains of cannabis effect each individual differently; while the old wisdom that sativa dominant strains are better for energy or creativity and indica dominant strains primarily get you giggly and couch-locked may not be as true as we once thought, there’s no denying that different cannabis strains do different things.

What isn’t so clear is exactly how each of these strains may effect you; that new indica dominant hybrid you picked up at the dispensary may give you amorous intentions but leave your significant other more interested in using the bedroom for watching TV. So while our list of suggestions is one based off of user reports, anecdotal stories and as much research as we can muster, whether or not any of these strains will leave you in the mood is something no one can predict until you try them.

Also, while cannabis can and will effect men and women differently, looking specifically for the best strains for male arousal or the best strains for female arousal isn’t likely to have much application in the real world. The effects of cannabis strains are unique to each individual, and that means there is no magic strain that will give someone a spontaneous case of the horny.

More Matters than Just Weed

When it comes to sex, things like mood, setting, and attraction are more important than your type of smoke – Things you should feel & have regardless of whether or not you’re getting stoned. Even though our list of strains may help, don’t expect them to be an automatic mood-enhancer; for that, you’ll need to do some of the hard work yourself.

Even still, we’ve put together a list of what we think are some of the best sex-enhancing smokes available, and if you’re in the market for something to bring a little spice to the bedroom you could do a lot worse than our recommendations below.

HighThere’s List of The Best Weed for Sex

green crack strain

Green Crack

A favorite among our staff for just about any and all purposes the infamous Green Crack strain (so dubbed by the legendary Snoop Dogg himself) is a sativa cannabis strain with a 16%+ THC content that will make anybody’s day brighter. Common reports for Green Crack say it often comes with a more creative, head-oriented high, good for sparking new ideas and leaving you with plenty of leftover energy; not a bad combo for having some adult fun.

Purple Afghani

Featuring very high levels of THC the Purple Afghani strain is one designed to leave its user in a state of euphoric relaxation. With up to 25% THC content this can be a very sedating, calming strain, making it an excellent choice for more intimate, tender moments. This high THC concentration can also lead up to a serious case of the munchies, so experimenting with food in the bedroom can be an appealing option (or end up with everyone involved forgetting about the sex and just stuffing their faces instead; both good outcomes for any given evening).


Our first 50/50 hybrid on the list, Alchemy is a combination of the Querkle and Chemdawg strains, and has a nicely robust THC percentage of typically 20%+. With a unique grape-ish scent and taste from it’s Querkle parentage, alongside a straight punch of power from the famous Chemdawg cultivar, Alchemy combines an uplifting cerebral high with a sensation of body euphoria, while not clouding active thought as much as other heavy-hitter cannabis strains.

Tang Tang

A hybrid leaning heavily on it’s sativa roots, Tang Tang is a strain known for it’s slow burn of effects, occasionally taking up to half an hour before the full sensation of being high kicks in. As tends to be associated with most sativa types of cannabis, Tang Tang gives a very energetic, cerebral high, and is excellent at quelling both nerves and butterflies in the stomach; both good things in any sex-related situation.

sour diesel strain

Sour Diesel

Known for a high percentage of CBD alongside it’s already powerful THC content, Sour Diesel is sativa-dominant strain often touted for it’s anti-anxiety properties – Important if looking to try new things with your chosen partner. Sour Diesel does tend to live up to it’s name, though, and has a skunky, lemony, out-right dank scent and taste; if smoking the Sour Diesel strain with a potential make-out partner, keeping a few breath mints (and maybe an air freshener) on hand might not be a terrible idea.

Critical Mass

With an atypically sweet taste offset by sharp notes of pine, Critical Mass is an indica known for it’s intense effects on the body. Great for lazily lounging around with a lover, the 20% THC to 5% CBD ratio of this strain means it offers significant sedative properties without the often overwhelming brain fog that can come with indica-heavy strains. We recommend this strain when seeking a romantic moment that doesn’t require any rush.

northern lights strain

Northern Lights

Often seen as a euphoria-inducing strain, Northern Lights is a relatively mild indica strain of cannabis with a very intense, heavily “spiced” scent to its buds. Northern Lights does wonders at relaxing the muscles and helping to relieve both anxiety and stress – Both important road blocks to overcome when seeking out a romantic encounter.

Banana Sherbet

Another indica/sativa hybrid, this one leaning more heavily on it’s indica parentage, Banana Sherbet has a uniquely sweet, fruit-heavy aroma that can already delight before even being smoked. Not to be confused with it’s more citrusy, 50/50 hybrid offspring Sour Banana Sherbet, this original strain is among the heaviest hitters on our list, routinely packed with over 25%+ THC content. Like many other indica cannabis strains Banana Sherbet has a deep body high that is uplifted by it’s sativa side, granting creativity and clear-headed inspirational benefits. With such a high THC content sex on Banana Sherbert can be an intense – but rewarding – experience.


As beautiful to look at as it is to smoke, this sativa-heavy hybrid has striking orange hairs packed into a dense, bright green bud. With notes of mango and pine buffeted by a unique, creamy taste, Harlequin is unique on this list for being CBD dominant – Only roughly 8% THC to a 12%+ CBD ratio. What this means is a strain of weed that will only provide a light buzz, while also helping to keep anxiety and panic attacks at bay. Though not the most mind-altering strain we’re presenting in this article Harlequin is great for social situations where you may not want to get too blazed, and the unique blend of CBD to THC can help keep your confidence high when heading into any scenarios that might involve sex.


… ok, look. We get it – Thinking about Wookies, the furry creatures from Star Wars, probably isn’t your idea of an erotic fantasy gone right (and if it is, we aren’t here to judge; you do you, sunshine). But thinking about Wookies, the cannabis strain, might just get you in the mood once you’ve had a smoke. A indica-dominant hybrid of several strains, Wookies gets its name from it’s dense, very hair-covered buds, and has a sweet taste brought in from it’s Girl Scout Cookies parentage. Good for both a cerebral and body high, this strain is perfect for a sexy, late-night game of “Let the Wookie Win”.

Pink Panties

The name itself has a lot of budtenders recommending this strain for it’s sex-related effects, and though some of that may just be marketing hype in action there’s no questioning this strain’s sexy potency. It’s relaxing, euphoric qualities are punctuated by it’s sweet and floral scent, already exuding an aire of romance before even being lit – And once taken to the flame? It’s 24% THC content will have you feeling satisfied even before any sex takes place.

jack frost strian

Jack Frost

Yet another 50/50 strain, Jack Frost is known for a glittery, frost-covered bud that will tantalize the eyes long before titillating the lungs. A bit lower in THC content than some of the other high-ranking strains of cannabis on our list, Jack Frost is typically known for having a relaxing, less-dizzying high that is perfect for daytime use. With parentage of White Widow, Jack Herer, and Northen Lights (seen previously on this list), a quick puff of this hybrid can be an excellent addition to a quick moment of passion in the middle of the day.

Super Lemon Haze

Well noted for it’s sedating effects, Super Lemon Haze is great for an afternoon of lounging around with a partner and seeing where things lead. Often conferring a calm, relaxed energy, Super Lemon Haze is often known as an excellent strain for taking a break during the middle of the day, letting you take a smoke without wrecking the rest of your plans for the evening. A good strain to smoke when by yourself, the citrusy scent might just energize you to utilize your alone time for some sex-for-one, if you catch our meaning.

The Truth

A 60/40 sativa/indica hybrid, The Truth still keeps it 100 when it comes to it’s powerful effects. Though it’s indica side gives it a relaxing, tension-relieving body high this strain primarily focuses on more cerebral experiences, tantalizing the mind and sparking the imagination. A great cannabis strain to try out when hanging with new friends, The Truth will provide a light, enjoyable high that can make easing into new experiences (sex or no) a lot more comfortable.

Wrapping Up

Weed and sex go together hand-in-hand, and if you’ve never had the opportunity to experience a sexual encounter in an altered state weed can be the perfect starting point for experimentation. Just remember to make sure you’re with a partner you can trust, and that you’re in a situation where you can feel safe, comfortable, and consensual with your desires.

And keep in mind: no matter what strain of cannabis you choose, be it Pink Panties or Sour Diesel alike, no weed in the world can make up for a lack of romance, lust, and/or any other sexy mood under the sun. Don’t expect cannabis usage to be an Automatic Sex Button – Take the time to set the scene, and make smoking as much of the experience as the sex itself. Sex doesn’t just start in the bedroom; it starts at the first knowing glance, or the first brush of the hand. Taking the extra effort to make cannabis usage as much a part of your sexual experience as a heated kiss helps keep it special, and will make the sensations feel even stronger (and the sex even more mind-blowing).

We hope our list of the best cannabis strains to experience sex with has been helpful and entertaining. Happy smoking (and any other activities you might get up to)…

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