The Best Weed Subscription Box (The Top 11)

The Best Weed Subscription Box (The Top 11)

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Unfortunately we don’t all live in a legalized area, and for those of us so unlucky the concept of cannabis delivered (legally) to one’s front door is still just a jealous dream. But that doesn’t completely leave marijuana enthusiasts outside legal areas in the dust.

For those looking to get the most enjoyment out of their smoke, or those just seeking a little novelty, there’s a wide world of 100% legal cannabis-related subscription boxes available, with more sprouting up each month. In fact, there’s so many you might find yourself a bit spoiled for choice, which is why we proudly present HighThere!’s list of the best weed subscription boxes.

Note: the products in this article have been independently selected and featured editorially. Making a purchase using a link in this article may earn us a commission.

A Quick Glance of The Top 3

#1 Hemper Box

Best Weekly Themes

#2 World of Bongs

Get a Mystery Box

#3 Elevated Stash

Best Selection

1. Hemper Box

Alongside offering a bevvy of smoking supplies in their regular shop the staff at Hemper.co also provide several options for a monthly subscription box, with four different tiers available:
  • “Hemper Core Box” @ $9.00 / month; a basic kit, including six guaranteed items each month such as rolling papers, lighters, wicks/tips and the like.
  • “HemperTech Cleaning Box” @ $19.99 / month; a recurring subscription of cleaning supplies for your glass, including alcohol wipes & swabs, cleaning bristles, and wick.
  • “Hemper Pack Box” @ $21.00 / month; a set of 7+ items per month, with standard items such as papers and tips combined with slightly higher-end options like rolling plates and cleaning supplies.
  • “The Hemper Box” @ $39.99 / month; Hemper’s premium offer and most popular subscription box, this monthly package comes with guaranteed glass and a wide assortment of cannabis-related goodies. The usual items like papers and lighters are sure to show up but, uniquely to our list, Hemper also includes goodies such as pre-rolled, fully-legal CBD joints, giving their customers something to actually smoke with their monthly subscription.
All of Hemper’s offerings are nice for the prices involved, and customer reviews have remained high from their service’s launch to current day. The assortment of pieces included each month in their top-tier “Hemper Box” subscription are typically high-quality and well-constructed, with very few reports of shipping issues or damaged glass. 
All this plus the occasional inclusion of something to actually smoke (in the form of CBD or CBG) places Hemper firmly at the top position on our list of high-end cannabis subscription boxes.

2. World of Bongs Mystery Box

World of Bongs has a massive inventory of accessories. With products ranging from premium glass art to affordable starter kits, they already have a huge inventory to pull from. They pass this on to you, letting you build your own box to suit your smoking preference and price point.

World of bongs offers mystery boxes for both flower and extracts – so you don’t end up with something that isn’t suitable for your cannabis preference. You essentially get to name your own price, as the boxes are sold in six different price brackets from $25 to $500. 

The $50 box is a good starting point for anyone looking to really flesh out their collection and get something more substantial every month. But any discerning smokers who prefer high end glass might want to keep their eyes peeled for the limited-availability $500 box.

Regardless of which price range you choose, the boxes can be purchased without a recurring subscription. That makes it a great option if you’re looking to treat yourself or get a gift for a friend. Subscribing does knock an additional 10% off, and you can cancel at any time. To start we’d recommend heading over to their site to check out some photos of their most recent shipment.

While World of Bongs is a well established retailer, the mystery boxes are pretty new to the market. They first launched just a few months ago – May 2021.

As one of the most flexible options on the market, we’d definitely recommend checking them out.

3. Elevated Stash

Elevated Stash has been in the industry for a long time, shipping boxes as early as 2017 – And it certainly shows. If you’re looking for value, then this is the one to get. Their boxes are full of high quality products that you’ll actually use – no filler. If you’re looking for something a little more premium, their unique one-time purchase boxes are worth checking out. They change their inventory regularly, so it’s worth keeping tabs on them. Here’s what is available currently:

  • Pikes Peak Box” @ $34.99 Monthly – The go-to choice for value conscious shoppers.
  • Mount Everest Box” @ $139.99 – One time purchase
  • Mystery Box” @ $44.99 to $109.99 – I’m not a huge gambler, but I think this would be a safe bet.
  • Military Box” @ 49.99 – As a veteran owned company, Elevated Stash puts a lot back into the community.

This is something that is not exclusive to the Military box, a portion of all their revenue goes back into providing care packages for military veterans, speaking at NORML events, and working with charities.

Overall, we highly recommend checking out Elevated Stash. Not only for their product line, but also to learn about ways that you can support nation-wide legalization.

4. Hippie Butler

hippie butler box

Hippie Butler offers three variants on their weed subscription box:

  • Rollers Club” @ $15.99 / month; designed for those who like to hand-roll their smokes
  • Butler Box” @ $39.99 / month; comes with papers and glass pieces alike
  • Master’s Club” @ $139.99 / month; “premium” version of the above

Each subscription box offers a level of customization: “Dry smoke” vs. “concentrates” for the latter two and “rolling papers” vs. “hemp wraps” for the Roller’s Club box; a “mix” option is also available for each.

The Butler Box is the most comparable to Hemper and CannaBox, coming with a medium/large glass piece plus some assorted branded and third party accessories. Overall, there’s great value with any of their boxes. 

5. CannaBox

cannabox bee happy box

CannaBox offers a single offering for their monthly subscription, the:

  • CannaBox” @ $30.99 / month; 6 to 8 “useful accessories”

There’s little further information to share on what the CannaBox may contain, as the company website does not detail exactly what to expect month to month, so it really adds to the mystery! You can look back in time at previous boxes to get a hint of what you might receive, but the actual box for every month remains a mystery on the website – which we kinda dig! 

CannaBox does a great job of curating each box around a specific theme. Pictured above is the “Bee Happy” box, where CannaBox customers received a honeycomb pipe, a Bee Happy shirt and a handful of other bee-themed accessories. You’ll note that the glass you receive in CannaBox is typically smaller pipes vs larger bubblers or bongs in a box like Hemper or HippieButler, but at the price point, it makes sense.

CannaBox is one of the OG subscription boxes for cannabis enthusiasts, and receives great feedback, and if you want a small glass piece, a shirt and some great accessories, this is a great option for you. 

6. CannaBake


CannaBake offers three boxes, each filled with a varying amount of what they refer to as “essentials + gear”.

  • Standard Box” @ $29.00 / month; 5 to 9 pieces included each month
  • 710 Box” @ $49.00 / month; 7 to 12 pieces included
  • Craft Box” @ $59.00 / month; also 7 to 12 pieces

Unfortunately trying to divine the differences between these tiers, or even what to expect from each box, is impossible without ordering one – The CannaBake Box website lacks information on what the boxes usually contain every month, as well as what separates the two higher tiers (the site also lacks any signs of being updated since 2017). Combined with a low number of mostly-negative reviews, we’re not sure the CannaBake Box is a worthwhile way to spend your cash.

7. Kush Cargo

kush cargo box

Not one to skimp on the options KushCargo has 4 separate tiers of subscription box, each offering a choice between “Dab”, “Nug”, or “Mixed” products.

  • “Carry On Cargo” @ $13.00 / month; 3 to 5 small-scale products such as lighters, rolling papers, bangers, and other smoking accessories
  • “OG Cargo” @ $35.00 / month; 3 to 6 pieces, including occasional glassware, stated at a $65 retail value
  • “Exectuive Class Cargo” @ $70.00 / month; 3 to 6 pieces with guaranteed glassware each month
  • “First Class Cargo” @ $115.00 / month; 3 to 10 pieces included, guaranteed glass each month, and higher-end items such as torches

Overall customer satisfaction seems high but there have been reports of broken glassware in several shipments, and considering the somewhat small mix of items included each month complaints about KushCargo’s price feel somewhat valid (it’s worth noting that KushCargo does not offer discounts for pre-paid subscriptions like some other boxes on this list). A good box for quality over quantity, but maybe a bit expensive still.

8. Sensi Box

sensi box

SensiBox has two offerings for sale:

  • SensiLight Box” @ $23.00 / month; a small box with 5 items per month, including one smoking piece.
  • SensiBox Original” @ $38.00 / month; their original offer, which comes with 7 items, typically including one higher-quality smoking device.

Though there are no further customization options there are discounts for pre-paying, with subscription options for 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months; SensiBox used to offer custom “For Her” and “For Him” boxes but those seem to have disappeared into the sunset as of this article’s publication date.

Customer satisfaction started strong and has remained high for SensiBox throughout the years – A somewhat rare mark of quality for a cannabis subscription box. We think this one might be worth taking a look.

9. DoYouGoodyBox


Despite a name seemingly dreamt up by a thoroughly blazed first-year marketing student, DoYouGoodyBox (which we’ll henceforth be shortening to “Goody Box”) is one of the larger players in weed subscription boxes. They have a whopping total of five packages, three of which focus on CBD-related items (including CBD for dogs); we’ll focus on the marijuana-related boxes below.

  • OG Goody Box” @ $27.98 / month; 5 to 9 pieces included each month, with a guaranteed glass piece or vaporizer
  • Top Shelf Goody Box” @ $79.98 / month; 7 to 13 pieces, minimum of one glass or vape pen guaranteed

Reviews of Goody Box are a bit scattershot – Most seem pleased with the customer service while a few have been less than enthralled with the typical quality of the items included in their monthly boxes. Though each month has at least one high-value item complaints of novelty add-in products unrelated to weed smoking (sunglasses, chocolate bars, etc.) aren’t uncommon for the lower tier subscription.

If you have the money to splurge the Top Shelf subscription seems to be the way to go, with customers reporting a wider variety of higher quality goods; Goody Box definitely seems like a case where you get what you pay for.

10. Daily High Club

daily high club box

One of several companies on this list tied for the cheapest subscription weed box, Daily High Club has three packages available:

  • All Natural” @ $1.00 / month; 4 to 5 items each month, including a pack of papers, tips and a matchbook
  • Connoisseur” @ $9.00 / month; 7 to 9 items included, typically focusing around papers and assorted novelties
  • El Primo” @ $29.99 / month; no min/max items but high quality glassware is guaranteed each month, with an estimated value of $100

$1 is the cheapest price on our list, and for a pack of papers, some matches and a few other goodies it’s honestly a decent deal. Whether or not you’re likely to get much out of their Connoisseur or El Primo packages depends on your weed smoking habits and what’s available for the month, but $30 for a guaranteed piece of glass is also toward the bottom end of the price range compared to other subscription boxes on our list.

Daily High Club bolsters itself with endorsements from celebrities like Tommy Chong and influencers from Instagram and Twitter, and it seems like praise that might be worthwhile – Reviews average fairly high, and response time from their customer service department seems quick. Overall we feel you could do worse than checking out Daily High Club.

11. Doja Box

doja box

One of many cannabis subscription boxes that aims itself primarily at the non-masculine, DojaBox focuses on weed products that speak to those looking for something a bit more feminine in their smoking routine. They only have one offering available:

  • DojaBox” @ $33.50 / month; can select guaranteed add-ins for an additional charge

When checking out you can, for an extra fee, ensure that your weed box contains things such as rolling papers or blunt wraps each month; while handy, this implies to us that there’s a chance some months won’t come with at least a pack of papers, and for $33.50 that seems like it should be a lock.

This may not even be an issue, though, as recent reviews of the DojaBox paint a bleak picture. Many customers have submitted reports of unshipped orders and an absent customer service team since the start of 2020, meaning the days of the DojaBox may already be over. We only recommend checking this one out if you’re feeling risky.

12. Puff Pack

puff pack box

Another group with a $1 offering, the Puff Pack people present a plethora of perfectly purchasable puffing provisions. Unlike others on the list, Puff Pack’s lower tiers are mostly fixed products, with only one or two random inclusions every month.

  • The Economist” @ $1.00 / month; a pack of Raw-branded papers, matches and crutch tips once a month
  • The Mediator” @ $12.00 / month; Raw-brand papers & crutch tips, a Bic lighter, a hemp wick, hemp wraps, a Doob Tube and 1x small glass piece
  • The Artisan” @ $24.00 / month; same as above but with additional pre-roll papers, screens, pipe cleaners, and a larger glass piece
  • The Mystery Pack” @ $28.00 / month; 5 to 7 items with one guaranteed piece of glass
  • The Premium Club” @ $90.00 / month; 10+ items with a “premium” glass item valued at over $130

Puff Pack also offers a variety of add-ons to their boxes, as well as monthly subscriptions that only include the selected glass pieces (ranging from $5 to $75).

While customer reviews for the smaller packs seem consistently decent reviews for their Mystery Pack & Premium Club often reference incomplete smoking devices and low quality filler among the other items included. Their glass of the month offerings might be worth checking out, but for weed subscription boxes? We’d recommend looking somewhere else.

13. Puffer Box


Not to be confused with The Puff Pack, the Puffer Box company only offers two plans:

  • Puffer Pack” @ $1.00 / month; a guaranteed pack of papers with two other accessories including matches, wicks, etc.
  • PufferBox Monthly” @ $26.00 / month; 6 to 10 items every month, with a guaranteed glass piece included

Unfortunately, according to various reviews, Puffer Box seems to suffer from some of the same downsides as other subscription boxes on our list. Customer reports of long shipping times, missing items, and an overall lack of quality in included add-ins seems to be common, and though the prices for both offerings are fairly cheap we feel you could do better with another company.

Wrapping Up

As you might be able to tell from our assortment of reviews, finding high quality subscription weed boxes can be tricky at absolute best. The subscription “mystery box” industry is full of fly-by-night operations, often offering inferior products at best and being complete ripoffs at worst.

Out of all the entries on our list we think the best offerings were from Hemper, Hippie Butler with a solid showing from the CannaBox as well. All three seem to offer decent quality products for their price tag, and if you want a guarantee of decent glassware included in your weed boxes these seem like excellent options.

No matter what you choose we hope our list of the best subscription weed boxes has helped you make an informed decision. Happy smoking!

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