Who Are The Largest Cannabis Growers?

Who Are The Largest Cannabis Growers?

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Cultivation is the backbone of the cannabis industry.  This is because all the derivative products come from the raw flower, and without it, there would be no cannabis sales.  The growers face stiff regulation and the industry is dominated by cash because of fears and banking regulations.  Ever wonder who is growing the cannabis out there?  Lots of people are.  But here are the top 10.

GW Pharmaceuticals

GW has announced plans to set up an 18-hectare greenhouse.  The company is known for its close relationship with US politicians and the development of pill-based marijuana medicine.  Sativex is their flagship product and is one of the few weed-based medicines to obtain the FDA Approval.

The Green Solution – TGS

This company received funding to the tune of $7.5 million from iAnthus Capital Holdings in Feb 2017.  It has got a license for selling recreational marijuana in Aurora, Colorado, and is setting up a 4000 square foot dispensary in Union Station.  TGS already has 13 dispensaries and has plans for expansion.

Native Roots

This company has 59 licenses for their 17 dispensary locations.  Their operational profits are driving them towards growth and market domination.  The company is vertically integrated which enables it to undercut completion.  It is also the biggest grower and that allows it to offer the cheapest prices thanks to economies of scale.


This company operates 6 dispensaries in Illinois and Colorado and received funding to the tune of $3.94 million in April 2016. They supply all their dispensary locations from a central facility which measures 43,000 sq ft. They also process their marijuana into edibles and concentrates.

Medicine Man

This company received $1million in funding in November 2016. It has 3 dispensaries. In 2014, the company’s top management featured in the TRU TV reality show as they maneuvered through the challenges of building a legal marijuana empire. This gave them a lot of exposure, brand recognition, and hordes of customers. Until 2015 they produced their entire weed in a 40,000 sq. ft industrial facility. They now have plans for an $11.5 million production facility.

Chalice Farms

William Simpson has grown his company into the leading grow supply store in Washington and Oregon. The company operates its own farms and produces award-winning cannabis. They operate a perpetual harvest which ensures varied and quality marijuana strains are available throughout the year.

Wellness Connection

Founded in 2011, this company is based in Maine and runs half the dispensaries in the state. It focuses on patient care first and had revenues of $15 million in 2015. Though they face serious legal challenges concerning the use of pesticide to fight mold, the company can still emerge as a dominant cannabis producer.


This company has 4 operating location In Colorado. The company has a production facility and also offers third-party products. It operates as a recreational dispensary and its appeal is in its clean, high-tech, customer front end. The firm opened a 7,000 sq.ft greenhouse in 2015.


This company serves the Arizona medical marijuana market. It has 4 locations and produces marijuana to make branded products. Its dominance in Arizona will enable it to expand it cannabis production.

Northwest Cannabis Solutions

This company was founded in 2015 and has turned out to be a powerhouse in marijuana production. It has set up a huge state-of-the-art growing facility and has a pristine extraction laboratory with a full-service kitchen for preparing edibles. The company has established 200 retail partners to handle their products in Washington. It is set for nationwide expansion.

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